Our Products


AM/NS India Steel holds a leadership position in cold rolling with a capacity of 2 MTPA. The technology available in the complex ensures production of high quality products for critical applications in automotive, white goods, construction, etc. The wide range of products from drawable grades to high strength low alloy grades, meet the product requirements of different processes like drawability, Stretch–flangeability, weldability, etc. the processes are suitably backed by advanced modelling techniques for designing the products.


  • Uniform mechanical properties
  • Excellent formability and drawability
  • Minimal deviations in mechanical properties of steels ensuring very short setting times on presses
  • Excellent surface finish for superior paintability
  • Table top flatness for white goods, furniture etc.


  • Automotive     
  • Furniture
  • Precision tubes
  • Packaging industry
  • Drums and Barrels
  • White goods
  • Electrical lamination

Supply Condition

  • Coil / Sheet form


  • CR Coil:
    Thickness: 0.4 to 3.2 mm (CRCA)
  • CRCA Sheet:
    Thickness: 0.5 to 3.2 mm 


  • Very close dimensional – ensured by automatic Gauge Control(AGS) system
  • Automatic flatness control at cold rolling and skin pass mill
  • Superior surface finish
  • Conforming to various national / international standards and for customized needs
  • Available in Coil / Slit / Sheet form